Registration and Notice of Race for the 2020 Swiss Cup Events:


To register for the Swiss Cup Events 2020 please use the search function of manage2sail with the following filter. After that, choose the event and follow the instructions of manage2sail. 

Link to the search function of manage2sail: https://www.manage2sail.com/de-CH/event 


Registration to the 2020 international Events:


For the Italian Cup Events follow the instruction on: https://www.j70.it/en/ 

For all other events, please follow the instruction of the Event Homepages.  


Regattakalender 2020 final - Stand 1.6.2020

Regattakalender 2020 - Stand 1.6.2020
Regattakalender 2020 - update 1.6.2020.p
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